Things You Shouldn’t Do When Winning Sweepstakes

It is very important to be professional when it comes to winning sweepstakes.  You want to leave a good impression with whatever sponsor you are working with.  Remember these sponsors are using their own money to put together great prizes to give you.   Here are some tips to keep in mind if you do get luck and win.

Talk To The Hand - Winning Sweepstakes

Don’t Ignore The Sponsor After Winning Sweepstakes

After winning sweepstakes be sure to stay in touch with the sponsor if they ask.  There will be times where they might ask you to answer a few questions or take a full survey to help them get an idea of what their followers like.  Sponsors hold sweepstakes to gain publicity for their company.  A big part of the publicity is showing how excited the participants are about winning sweepstakes, so do your best to express your excitement and answer any questions they have for you.

Don’t Bad Mouth Your Prize

There will be occasions where you win a prize you might not necessarily like.  It’s okay, still try and be respectful to the sponsor and at least act like your happy with your prize.  If the sponsor sees that the participant is unhappy, it may influence them to stop holding sweepstakes altogether.  Remember, your prize might have been a treasure to somebody else, just because you aren’t fond of it doesn’t mean you need to express it.  Keep calm and carry on!


Don’t Get Angry If Something Goes Wrong

Sponsors that hold a lot of sweepstakes have a lot of data to process so there will be that rare occasion where something may go wrong.  For example, you may get sent the wrong prize or it may take a while for you to receive your prize.  Don’t worry, do your best to keep your cool and work with the sponsor.  Remember, the sponsors are people too!

Do your best to take this information in.  Again, treating the sponsors with respect is very important.  Remember that they are going through a lot to get these prizes out there for the participants, its only right to act professional!  Good luck in all of your future sweepstakes.


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