Lotto and Lottery Odds Calculators

I found some cool stuff online.  There are calculators that can tell you the odds of winning any lottery drawing, with any number of balls or bonus balls.  You can even see the odds for each lotto in each state.  Check out these lottery odds calculators:

State by State Lottery Odds Calculator

This site has a state-by-state calculator to determine what the odds are for your local lottery.  Just click on your state, and it will display all the available lottery games in your state.  Then click whichever lotto game you want to play, and it will display the odds of matching one or several or all numbers, including the bonus ball.  Its pretty cool:

State by state lottery odds calculator

Lottery Odds Calculator

This one lets you calculate odds for any drawing with any number of numbers.  You simply enter the total available numbers and how many you would like to match, and it will let you know your odds of winning and the total number of possible combinations.  There are options for games that have bonus balls, like Powerball and MegaMillions, and a whole bunch of other lotto options.  The site is nothing fancy, but it’s free and it works!

Lottery Odds Calculator

Scratch Off Games Remaining Prizes

Did you know that you can determine your odds of winning a scratch off game?  Most states have listings of the prizes that are leftover for any given scratch off game.  I’ll be writing a longer article about this in the future, but for now, here’s a great blog post on the topic, with links to each state’s remaining prizes and odds:

Scratch Off Games Prizes Remaining By State

Hopefully you find these tools useful as you play the lottery.  Sometimes, it’s nice to know what the odds are, and sometimes it can be depressing :)


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