A Look At iLotto.com

What is iLotto?

iLotto.com is a free lottery site that holds lottery games daily for a wide variety of prizes.  So how does it work?  You choose to play six numbers, and wait for the end of the day for the results to be posted.  This is much like playing the real lotto, except its free!  iLotto also offers a weekly lotto you can take part of which is also free.  There really is no reason you should avoid iLotto being that it cost absolutely no money to play.  There is virtually no risk and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.  Also, if you can’t get your hands on a computer, iLotto has lottery game apps in the Apple App Store.

Lottery Prizes

iLotto is known for giving away a variety of apple products.  They put together a “Apple Pack”, which consists of a iPhone, iPad, and Mackbook all in the same bundle.  They also give away a lot of pretty large cash prizes.  Seems like a pretty good payout for a free entry right?  But there is a catch, you must check the site daily to find out if you are a winner.  iLotto doe not contact their winners so you need to stay on your toes!  Winners have 30 days to claim their prize.  Cash winners are responsible for tax responsibilities associated with their prizes.


iLotto understands that it may be difficult for you to visit their website daily, so they offer a subscription at a low prize so you don’t miss out!  As the website says, “It’s a small price to pay for the chance to win big each week.”

So what have we learned? Well, iLotto.com seems like it is worth your time.  Anything that is free and pays out well is definitely something to pay attention to.  Make sure you bookmark the site and visit it as much as possible!


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