Lottery Winners Donate Money to Help Sick Child

It’s nice to see a feel-good story about lottery winners. There are so many horror stories about greedy winners suing each other or blowing their winnings, so it’s nice to see some winners with a heart.  This story comes from Scotland, where a couple won 163 Million Euros, which is equivalent to $204 Million!!!  They heard about a girl in their town that has Cerebral Palsy and offered to pay for a state of the art surgery that may help her and improve her mobility.


For more on this story, read the article from


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You Can Win $5,000 a Week For Life From PCH!!

So Publishers Clearing House is at it again!  It was a little confusing, but they recently had one contest end that was Win $5,000 A Week Forever.  This was what they called an “Early look” – from what I can tell, if you entered the contest during that special Early Look promotion period, you would not just win $5,000 a week for life but $5,000 a week forever.  They are supposedly announcing if there is a winner on August 31.  But now, if you go to their site, they are promoting Win $1,000,000 plus $5,000 a week for life.  This is actually the same contest.  From what I can tell, if there is no winner of the Win $5,000 a Week Forever, then they will continue with the Win $5,000 a week for life.

Either way, it’s a pretty cool prize and I highly recommend you enter every day, and sign up for their emails, so you will get special extra entries too!  The odds are pretty big, but it doesn’t cost anything to enter.


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Woman Claims to Have Accidentally Given Away Winning Lotto Ticket

These crazy lottery winning ticket stories just don’t stop.  A woman from California, Emily Leach, won a $1 Million jackpot in January.  She got sick, and claims to have built up extensive medical bills.  But her lottery winnings were more than enough to pay all her bills, with money left over.  Then, in March, she bought a couple of lottery tickets and gave one to a man in need.  Well, guess what?  That ticket also won and was worth $260,000 in winnings.  Now, she is claiming that she accidentally gave away her ticket.  There is even videotape of the moment when she gave up the ticket.  She is seen talking on the phone, checking out at the register and handing over money along with the winning ticket to this man. 20/20 ran a story on this last week as part of their “Lottery Frenzy” segment.  For more details, check out this article:


PHOTO: Emily Leach says she accidentally gave away a winning lottery ticket worth $260,000 after facing pressure for a man begging for her help.

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Iowa Lottery Mystery Continues

So another wacky lottery story related to the winning ticket.  This time, it’s out of Iowa, where the deadline for a $14 Million winning jackpot ticket was about to expire.  Low and behold, just before the deadline was about to expire, an attorney from NY stepped forward and presented the wining ticket.  He claimed it was on behalf of his client, who he refused to name.  He also refused to tell lottery officials how he obtained the winning ticket.  So the Iowa lottery officials became suspicious. And they supposedly have a videotape of the actual ticket purchaser, although it is fuzzy and hard to view.  They have opened a criminal probe into the matter.  Click here for the full article on ABC News:


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My Favorite Sweepstakes Directory Sites

I thought I’d give you a list of some of my favorite sweeps sites. These are what I call sweepstakes directories.  They provide a guide to all the great sweepstakes out there, when they expire, eligibility, entry mechanisms, etc.   I like to check them regularly to see what sweeps I want to add to my daily routine of sweepstakes entries.

Online Sweepstakes is what comes up first when you search on Google.  They have a pretty comprehensive list.  It’s not the prettiest of sites (hey, looks can only get you so far, as they say!), but it is pretty good.  They’ve been around for a long time, so their listings are pretty accurate.  You can look at sweepstakes by prize type, deadline, and much more. also always seems to pop up when I search on Google.  They are pretty good about reviewing all the major sweepstakes out there, but they seem to miss out on the smaller sweeps that usually have a better chance of winning. also provides great general information about sweepstakes, entry mechanisms,etc.

Sweepstakes Advantage is also one of my favorite sweepstakes directories.  They have a great variety of categories that you can browse, including Facebook sweeps (my favorite), Twitter sweeps, daily entry, weekly entry and more.  You can also browse by prize and by sponsor.

Sweepstakes Listings Today is a relatively new sweepstakes directory site.  Like  the other sites, you can browse by any number of categories.  It seems pretty comprehensive and has lots of categories to search by.  Definitely keep this one on your list of sites to check.

Hope this helps you in your quest to find great sweepstakes to enter!


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Lottery Strategies

Since we had a winner and a record breaking jackpot for the last Powerball, I think it’s an appropriate time to share some tips and strategies on how to increase your lottery chances. With a jackpot that big, you’re going to want to set yourself apart from everyone else.  Here are some lottery strategies you can use.

Lottery Strategies

Mathematical Sequences

A lot of people choose numbers in sequences.  For example picking numbers like 2,4,6,8.  This method will not increase your chances of winning.  This way of picking your numbers is a lottery strategy that thousands upon thousands of people use, so if by some small chance you do win, you will be sharing the prize with a extremely large amount of people.

Play With A Wheeling System

You’re going to need more than some luck to win the lottery.  Experts use lottery strategies to increase their odds.  Players that use the wheeling system have been proven time and time to win more than people that use Quickpick or choose numbers randomly.  It is a trustworthy and efficient way to choose a wide variety of winning combinations.  Want to learn more about the wheeling system?  Click here.


Much like the mathematical sequences, the patterns method is a lottery strategy used by a large amount of people.  So if you do win, your prize will be shared with thousands of people, which will dramatically reduce your winnings.  What do I mean by patterns?  Avoid making shapes on your ticket like stars, squares, pyramids, etc.  If you want some more examples of some patterns you should try and avoid click here.

Good luck!


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Crazy Gadgets To Buy With Your Sweepstakes Winnings

Lets say you win so much money that you have no idea what you do with it.  Well, after you have saved and invested what you want you should hopefully have some money to play with.  Here are some crazy gadgets you can purchase with your winnings!

Crazy Gadgets To Buy

Magnetic Floating Bed $1.6 Million

This 2001: A Space Odyssey inspired bed uses magnetic forces to float roughly 16 inches off the ground.  What is the benefit of this?  Absolutely nothing, but it sure is cool!  After a long and hard day of spending your winnings you can relax and sleep in futuristic style.  You don’t have to worry about floating away either because it is held in place by a few cables.

Jet pack $99,500

According to the company’s website this jet pack will have you soaring at 30 feet in the air at speeds up to 25 MPH.  Take a look at the world at an aerial view!  Just think about flying through the ocean will bystanders stare at you in awe, you would officially be the coolest person on Earth.

iNuke $29,000

This incredibly obnoxious 8 foot wide, 4 foot tall iPod dock comes weighing in at a womping 700 lbs.  If you plan on throwing the party of the century at your new mansion anytime soon, this iPod dock is definitely for you.  It produces over 10,000 watts of power!  Just imagine this doubling as your alarm clock, you would never oversleep again.

Live Luggage $1,700

Well since you will probably be traveling a lot due to your huge winnings, you’re going to need a suitcase!  But not just any suitcase, a suitcase that drives itself.  Why should you have to carry your bags anymore?  Check out the live luggage website and see all the things they have to offer.

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Winners Who Blew It All

Ok, so you won a big lottery or sweepstakes prize.  What next?  Buy a huge mansion?  Some fancy sports cars?  A cool mega yacht?  Travel around the world?  What if you did it all.  It wouldn’t be too hard to blow through your winnings pretty quickly…I’m sure you could find things to spend your money on.  Here are some horror stories about big winners who lost it all.  If you win, don’t be like them…be smart.  Yes, buy some cool stuff and splurge a little.  But invest and save most of it, so you can keep on enjoying the good life!

Jake Whittacker


This West Virginian native won a whopping $315 million U.S. dollars. He actually started out by starting a charity to help the poor people of his home state, and donating massive amounts to charity. Unfortunately, his money soon got the better of him, and he began spending it on booze, girls, and other worldly amusements. He ended up racking up a whopping $100,000 bill at a local strip club, and getting arrested for drunk driving. He gave his granddaughter an allowance of an insane $2,100 per week, which she then proceeded to use to become a drug addict. She eventually overdosed on the drugs, killing herself in the process. Whittacker has been sued by countless people, and has lost over $700,000 to multiple cash thefts due to seemingly mindless mistakes such as leaving half a million dollars in cash in his car.

John McGuiness


John won ten million British Pounds in the U.K. Lottery. He immediately began to blow it all on whatever fit his fancy, from high-end sports cars, to lavish gifts to friends (including his ex-wife, ironically) to exotic trips and exclusive clubs. Before long, John had not only spend all of his £10,000,000, but incurred a total of over £2.1 million in debt to the bank of Scotland. So much for those quick and easy winnings!

Rhoda Toth

Mrs. Toth won the Florida Lottery in the amount of $13 million. She and her husband immediately spent all of it, refusing to pay anything in taxes to the IRS.  The couple ended up on the run, and were eventually arrested while living off the electricity from a car battery. Her husband died in a stunt related to pretending to have Multiple Sclerosis in order to fool the government into giving him disability benefits. Mrs. Toth is now living in poverty, has been convicted to 2 years in prison, and owes the IRS $1.1 million  in unpaid taxes. Oops.

Billie Bob Harrell

This man’s story may be the saddest of them all. He won $31 million  in the U.S. Lottery. Before he knew it, he was met with letters from strangers begging for money, and his wife left him. He gave freely to those in need, but soon found himself facing more pressures than he knew what to do with. Billie soon disappeared, along with his millions. His body was found two years later, and an autopsy showed that he’d committed suicide. No one knows what became of his millions.

Vivian Nicholson

This woman claimed she would spend her winnings without regard, before she even won. Upon winning, she quickly lived up to her own prediction, spending her winnings so fast that she even had a television documentary made about her.

Willie Hurt

Willie, then a happily married man with an active social life, won 3.1 million dollars in the Michigan Lottery. Within a few years, he’d become a Cocaine addict, lost his wife, been charged with murder, and lost it all. To this day, Willie doesn’t even know where his family lives.

Shelfik Tallmadge

Shelfik was feeling down when he spend his last five dollars on an Arizona state lottery ticket. He was shocked to find that he won nearly $7 million. Tallmadge spent his millions on sports cars and exotic vacations, quickly watching it dwindle down to nothing. He has since declared bankruptcy, and is now broke.

Lawrence Candlish


Candlish is a Scottish man who won £5.5 mililon in the U.K. lottery. Remember, this is more like $10 million in U.S.  dollars. He spent it all on houses for his numerous relatives, buying them all nice houses on the same street. Unfortunately, he soon tired of the attention he was getting, and ran out of money, fleeing to somewhere in Spain to get away from it all.

Peter Kyle

Mr. Kyle is an ex-British soldier who won £5 million pounds in the British lottery. Unfortunately, he readily took advice from nearly anyone who talked to him, and ended up squandering his money in countless bad investments. He ended up bankrupt, living on welfare and staying in a house where he earns his room and board by doing chores for the owner.

Evelyn Adams


This woman actually won the New Jersey lottery, not once, but twice. This is in spite of the odds of this happening, which are 17 trillion to one. Evelyn proceeded to gamble away all of her winnings, and is now living in a trailer home.

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